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We are a focused European provider of K12 learning products and services

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Strategic levers supporting our growth ambitions

1. Grow market share by continuing to win in local markets

  • In 2021-2025, underlying growth for learning content in Sanoma's operating markets is expected to be modest

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  • To reach our long-term comparable growth target of 2-5%, we aim to increase our market share especially in connection to curriculum renewals and by expanding our portfolio

2. Increase value per student by moving towards a subscription model

  • K12 learning services market is shifting towards a subscription model
  • The model allows, and requires, greater integration of printed and digital products and services
  • The subscription model offers benefits for all:
    • Students: more up-to-date materials, each student can retain the book
    • Schools: stable and predictable cost of learning content
    • Distributors: lower costs with no return flows
    • Sanoma Learning: reduced second-hand market, more efficient content creation and more predictable sales
  • Our ambition is toincrease the share of subscription in net sales to above 50% (2019: 25%)
  • We aim to move to the subscription model in all our operating countries, but the pace varies by country

3. Grow learning business further through M&A

  • In M&A, continued focus on K12 learning services
  • Looking for opportunities to enter new geographies and expand our offering in current markets both in learning content and digital platforms
  • Ongoing consolidation driven e.g. by digitalisation in a fragmented market
    • Annual demand for K12 learning services in Europe approx. 600m€
    • Sanoma Learning is the leading player with a market share of approx. 13%