We focus on K12

We focus on K12

Our learning business supports more than 25 million K12 students (ie. 6-18 year-olds) in 12 European countries. Sanoma Learning's market share of the European education market is ~17%.

Teachers and schools are our primary customers

  • Teachers are key decision-makers on which learning content to use
  • In our operating countries, learning content is largely publicly funded and typically represents 1−3% of public education spend

Our learning services provide teachers with everything they need

  • Printed and digital learning content created together with teachers and matching the local curriculum
  • Digital learning platforms, either linked to our content or open
  • Content distribution services

Our content has a positive impact on learning outcomes

  • Inclusive learning materials promote equal learning opportunities and support diversity and differentiation 
K12 is a stable and resilient market

K12 is a stable and resilient market

Stable population of approx. 75 million students in Europe corresponds to a market size of 4-5bn€.


Public spending on education is increasing, while spend per student varies between countries. Market is significantly fragmented and barriers to entry are high due to the localised nature.


K12 market is stable and predictable as teachers typically consider changing the learning materials only every 48 years.

Our best-in-class digital platforms and footprint in highly digitalised countries with high-quality learning outcomes give us unique benefits of scale.

Digitalisation within education is accelerating

  • Helping to drive market consolidation
  • Generating more stable revenue streams and higher profitability
  • Offering better scalability
Learning’s profitability to reach its long-term target of 23% in 2026 through process and efficiency improvement program Solar

Learning’s profitability to reach its long-term target of 23% in 2026 through process and efficiency improvement program Solar

Operational efficiencies that are expected to amount to approx. 55m€ annual operational EBIT, from 2026 onwards, are coming from:

  • Organisational optimisation* post curriculum renewals in Poland and Spain
  • Process improvements in all publishing operations
  • Continuing harmonisation of digital learning platforms
  • Overhead and other optimisations* across the SBU

* All organisational optimisation actions are subject to works council negotiations and other local legal procedures.

Sanoma Learning has been successfully built through M&A, and it represents ~75% of Group's profitability

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