Our balanced business portfolio helps mitigating changes in the operating environment

Sales of learning services as well as B2C subscriptions and single copies together contribute to over 75% of the Group's net sales. Share of advertising has declined: digital advertising corresponds to approx. 12% and print advertising to approx. 3% of total net sales.

Group net sales by category, %

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Learning trends

In the longer term, demand for learning content is driven by local curriculum renewals. Expected curriculum renewals and their impact on the market demand for learning content is described in the graph below.

Typically, learning content only represents approx. 3% of total educational spending, and supports teachers' efficiency, student engagament and improving learning outcomes.


Major educational reforms typically require years of planning and preparation work from the authorities and are implemented in phases. An example of a recent implementation in Poland is presented in the below picture.


Media trends

In the long-term, the following trends are expected to impact both B2C and B2B demand for media products and services in Finland:

  • Consumer willingness to pay for high-quality news, video and audio on a subscription basis is growing
  • Increasing interest in lifestyle and feature content if placed on news platforms
  • Transformation from linear TV to on-demand continues with growth driven by increased penetration and stacking behavior
  • Advertising spend is shifting towards digital and customer data is a prerequisite for selling digital advertising
  • FTA more resilient to traditional media decline since FTA and digital complement each other well

Finnish media market outlook.PNG