Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct

In all operations Sanoma is committed to ethical and responsible business practices and ethics throughout our value chain. Our goal is to ensure that our suppliers implement our guidelines in their operations, embrace our values and promote responsible business practices by acting in compliance with local laws and regulations, upholding human rights an applying privacy and security regulations in regard to consumers, customers and regulators.

The Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct is a mandatory requirement and it sets out the ethical standards and responsible business principles which suppliers are required to comply with in their dealings with Sanoma business units. Sanoma reserves the right to cancel outstanding orders, suspend future orders and/or terminate its contract with suppliers in the event of a material breach of this Supplier Code of Conduct.

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct (English)

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct (Finnish)

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct (Swedish)

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct (Dutch)

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct (Polish)

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Sanoma General Procurement Terms & Conditions

All Goods and Services supplied to Sanoma are required to be supplied in accordance with Sanoma General Procurement Terms & Conditions unless a separate overriding written contract has been executed. In order to secure our future business opportunities together, in addition to the Sanona Supplier Code of Conduct, suppliers need to comply with Data protection and Information Security requirements in our joint digital value chain.

General Procurement Terms

Sanoma Data Protection Appendix

Information Security Requirements Appendix

Sanoma Procurement Contact Information

Suppliers wishing to be considered for future business opportunities please download and read our Supplier Code of Conduct, General Procurement Terms & Conditions, Data Protection & Security principles and Information Security Requirements.

All security incidents with privacy impact should be always reported by suppliers to Sanoma immediately.

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