Sanoma Learning is a leading European learning company, serving about 25 million students in 12 countries. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, students and teachers need learning solutions that can prepare them for this exciting future. By combining our educational technologies and pedagogical expertise, we create learning products and services with the highest learning impact. Our over 2,900 employees have a deep rooted passion for education. Our mission is to enable teachers to excel at developing the talents of every child by offering them the best possible learning solutions possible.

Our focus areas and targets

We co-create high-quality and motivating learning materials with teachers, fitting the local curriculum

  • We follow the curriculum requirements set out by each country in which we operate.
  • Our content is fact-based, and we make independent decisions regarding our content.
  • Our methodologies are always based on deep teacher and student insight, combined with our educational technologies and pedagogical expertise.
  • We cooperate with local authors and teachers, and we consult academics and external research to ensure up-to-date scientific knowledge.

We develop inclusive learning solutions that support diversity, accessibility and differentiation

  • We aim to portray a balanced and fair representation of the students and the society in our materials. 
  • We avoid stereotypes, and we eliminate bias and discrimination.
  • We pay special attention to sensitive topics which vary locally. 
  • We take into account the differences in students’ learning preferences and digital skills  – working for the same goal with different techniques and personalised content.

We promote equal access to education

  • We take part in various initiatives in our local operating countries to support more students in their individual learning paths. 
  • We work in close co-operation also with, for example, organisations supporting visually or hearing-impaired children or other disabilities, as well as organisations providing materials for minority languages.

We work in line with our company-wide editorial guidelines.

Our Sustainability strategy scorecard guides our action - learn about our results 

  • To learn more about our targets and results together with our action, see our Sustainability scorecard.

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Key facts

about million students throughout Europe


of teachers agree that our learning materials help students reach curriculum objectives


of teachers agree that our learning materials help engage their students


of teachers agree that our learning materials help them be more efficient in their work