What is inclusive learning?

Inclusive learning and teaching recognises all students’ right to a learning experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers as well as anticipates and considers a variety of learning needs and preferences. For us this means designing and delivering teaching and learning methods that impact all students to engage them with the curriculum and achieve their full potential.  We work in line with our company-wide editorial guidelines.

Our sustainability targets

We co-create high-quality and motivating learning materials with teachers fitting the local curriculum

To develop inclusive and sustainable learning solutions, we produce and design learning services that help teachers build a positive and effective educational environment, which leads to better learning outcomes. Our educational solutions are based on up-to-datescientific knowledge and verified information. Educational publishing is a highly local business and when developing our learning materials, we follow the curriculum requirements set out by each country we operate in. We engage with local authors and teachers who develop the learning materials together with our editors. The process includes checking of facts, languages and curriculums as well as testing with reference groups. 

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We develop inclusive learning solutions that support diversity, accessibility and differentiation

We put effort on evaluating the diversity aspects of our learning content and platforms and co-create them with authors from diverse backgrounds and experts with insights stimulating diversity. Our learning materials are also enhanced with a wide variety of digital learning assets to further improve learning impact – engagement, learning outcomes, and teacher workflow efficiencies. By combining educational technologies and pedagogical expertise, we can offer learning products and services with the highest learning impact,  accessible for all students.

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We promote equal access to education

To promote learning opportunities for all, we support initiatives to promote equal access to education in our operating countries. Educational systems vary between the countries and therefore we cooperate locally with NGOs, governmental and other organisations to ensure best access for all. 

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Key facts


million students throughout Europe


of teachers agree that our learning materials help students reach curriculum objectives


of teachers agree that our learning materials help engage their students


of teachers agree that our learning materials help them be more efficient in their work

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability actions for inclusive learning support these UN SDGs.
4 Quality education
4 Quality education
17 Partnerships for the goals
17 Partnerships for the goals
What are UN SDGs?
What are UN SDGs?

We support quality education by delivering inclusive learning solutions to over 20 million students around Europe. Our goal is to help all students to achieve their potential.

We engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to meet our sustainability goals. We also annually support carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen our positive impact on society and local communities.

Read more about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on  Commitments.