Our long-term sustainability targets guide our action. Our group-wide targets have been set based on our Sustainability Strategy. In 2023, Sanoma's climate targets were validated by the Science Based Targets initiative. 

Inclusive learning
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023

Learning content:
We co-create high-quality and motivating learning materials with teachers, fitting the local curriculum

We develop inclusive learning solutions that support diversity, accessibility and differentiation

We promote equal access to education

NEW Digital accessibility:
Common accessibility components used in Learning’s core digital products will be compliant with the AA-level of the WCAG Guidelines (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) from 2025 onwards

Learning content:
74% of teachers agree that our materials help engage their students (2022: 73%)*

84%  of teachers agree that our materials help students reach curriculum objectives (2022: 84%)*

78% of teachers agree that our materials support efficiency (2022: 77%)*

Digital accessibility: 
In 2023, 100% of Learning employees in the SL Design System team were trained on accessibility

*Results based on Sanoma’s annual European Teacher Survey. Figures for 2022 have been restated. Learn more about the survey in our Annual Report.

Sustainable media
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023

We promote open democracy and freedom of speech through our independent media

We increase awareness, empathy and tolerance with our journalism

6 notifications of violation concerning aspects of news articles as defined in the Guidelines for Journalists by The Council of Mass Media (2022: 0)

We empower shared experiences with entertainment and support the local audiovisual community -
We enable companies to thrive through marketing in our curated media

3 cases of non-compliance against the Advertising and Marketing Communications Code of the International Chamber of Commerce (2022: 2)

Valued people
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023
Our Employee Experience Index remains on a favourable level of ≥ 7.5 Employee Experience Index: 7.5 (2022: 7.3) (Scale 0–10, European Benchmark 7.1)*

We promote diversity and gender neutrality throughout our business and aim for a 50/50 gender balance in managerial positions by 2030

The Board of Directives objective is that both genders are represented of the Board with
the share of under-represented gender being at least 40%

Managers with Subordinates:
47% women / 53% men (2022: 44%/56%)
Directors and Senior Management: 
45% women / 55% men (2022:  41%/59%)
Board of Directors:
33% w / 67% m (2022: 33% / 67%)
Our people feel that we provide equal opportunities, and our equal opportunities rating remains on a favourable level of ≥ 7.6 Equal opportunities in my company rating 8.2 (Scale 0–10, European Benchmark 7.0) (2022: 7.7)*
We continuously seek to develop Sanoma as a great place to work and, by 2025, aim to reach an Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) of >10

Employee Net Promoter Score: 7 (Scale -100 to +100, European Benchmark 5.0) (2022: 7)*

*Measured in the Employee Engagement Survey 2023. The eNPS score for 2022 has been adjusted according to new reporting.

Trustworthy data
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023
We train our permanent data breach management task force to handle personal data breaches

Annual number of data breaches: In total 164 (2022: 196) data breaches, out of which 0 major (2022: 0)

All our nominated Privacy champions have completed a role-based training and operate across our businesses to provide privacy support

We provide training on Privacy- and Security by-Design to all our developers

Number of nominated privacy champions across our businesses: 32 (2022: 32)
Vital environment
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023

Science-based targets:
We reduce absolute Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions 42% by 2030 from a 2021 base year

We reduce absolute Scope 3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services, fuel and energy related activities, and upstream transportation and distribution by 38% by 2030 from a 2021 base year 3

Other targets:
By end of 2023, we will use only fossil-free electricity

By end of 2030, we will be carbon neutral

By end of 2023, all wood fibre in the paper qualities used by Sanoma will originate from trusted certified sources


Own operations (Scope 1 and 2) emission reduction from 2021: 31% (2022: 7%)

Value chain (Scope 3) emission reduction from 2021: 29% (2022: 8%)*

Emission intensity: 1.1 Scope 1 and 2 tCO2e/employee (2022: 1.5)

Emission intensity: 0.08 Scope 1, 2 and 3 tCO2e/EUR 1,000 of net sales (2022: 0.11)

Energy intensity: 6.9 MWh/employee (2022: 7.7)

Share of fossil-free electricity: 93% (2022: 92%)

Share of fossil-free energy: 73% (2022: 57%)

Amount of certified wood fibre in direct paper purchases: 94% (2022: 94%)

*KPI includes Scope 3 categories 1 Purchased goods and services, 3 Fuel- and energy-related activities and 4 Upstream transportation and distribution.

By end of 2023, all wood fibre in paper qualities used by Sanoma originates from trusted certified sources Amount of certified wood fibre in direct paper purchases: 94% (2021: 95%)
Responsible business practices
Target KPI and performance 31.12.2023
All employees complete our mandatory Code of Conduct e-learning Code of Conduct refreshner e-learning completion rate: 98% (2022: 95%)
All new Sanoma suppliers sign our Supplier Code of Conduct Share of new key suppliers that have signed the Supplier
Code of Conduct: 92% (2022: 86%) (KPI tracked via Sanoma´s centralised contract Lifecycle Management system by evaluating new suppliers with above 100,000 EUR spend for the reporting year)