We are the leading European publisher of education materials and services for students, teachers and schools in primary, secondary and vocational education - we call this the K12 segment.

We develop our methodologies based on deep teacher and student insight and really understanding their needs. By combining our educational technologies and pedagogical expertise, we create learning products and services with the highest learning impact.

Sanoma Learning: here to help all students reach their potential

Our learning products and services enable teachers to develop the talents of every child to reach their full potential. We offer printed and digital learning materials as well as digital learning and teaching platforms for K12, ie primary, secondary and vocational education, and aim to grow our business across Europe.

Our learning companies are located across Europe and are leading in their own markets: Malmberg (the Netherlands), Nowa Era (Poland), Santillana (Spain), Sanoma Italia (Italy), VAN IN (Belgium), Sanoma Pro (Finland), Sanoma Utbildning (Sweden), Iddink Group (the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain) and itslearning (in more than 10 European countries).

Best in class learning solutions

We believe every student deserves equal opportunities in life. It is our mission to help all students to reach their full potential. In a world that’s changing faster than ever, students and teachers need learning solutions that can prepare them for this exciting future. We see it as our responsibility to develop learning solutions that drive engagement and inspiration among all teachers and students. Our methodologies and platforms are based on deep teacher and student insight, really understanding their needs and a seamless integration of the best of print and digital across the entire learning process. This enables us to create high impact learning solutions for today and tomorrow.


Deep rooted passion for education

Our more than 2,800 employees have a deep rooted passion for education. We believe education is the key to reach the potential of students and we feel privileged to be able to play a significant role in this journey. The opportunity to contribute to the development of future generations is why we are passionate, committed and always willing to go the extra mile for students, teachers, schools and each other.

Leading the digital transformation in education

We are on the threshold of an exciting new era. Education technology is at a crossroads: taking us from smart to intelligent solutions and classrooms across Europe are evolving rapidly. Embracing this evolution with the passion and curiosity that shapes our work, Sanoma Learning will lead the digital transformation of education in Europe with advanced (multi-channel) learning solutions.