Sanoma Media Finland is the leading media company reaching 97% of Finns every week. Sanoma Media Finland has over 40 media brands. Our mission is to offer Finnish media also for future generations. 

Our focus areas and targets

We promote open democracy and freedom of speech
through our independent media

  • For us, independent and trusted media is a vital ingredient of open democracy. Independent journalism is at the core of our sustainability in action: we promote freedom of expression, create public discussion and increase awareness.
  • A cornerstone for reliable and fair journalism in Finland is the unique self-regulating and independent committee of the Council for Mass Media (CMM) which has for decades been overseeing editorial ethics and is a highly valued industry standard. We are a member of the CMM and committed to the Guidelines for Journalists. These principles guide all our journalistic work. We follow and annually report all CMM cases so that we can advance professional ethics. Learn more

We increase awareness, empathy and tolerance with our journalism

  • Through our magazine journalism we aim is to create public discussion reflecting diverse opinions and lifestyles and to increase empathy and tolerance with our journalism. Learn more
  • Supporting literacy and media literacy is important to us. To support media literacy and reading skills throughout society, have participate in several initiatives. 

We enable companies to thrive through marketing in our
curated media

  • For advertisers, we ensure a safe, impactful marketing environment. Our medias reach 97% of Finns every week and a significant part of our offering is made possible by enabling companies to market their products and services efficiently in our curated media. Learn more (in FInnish)
  • In all marketing, we follow the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Advertising and Marketing Communications Code. Our medias separate advertising and journalistic content as required by the Council for Mass Media and implement advertisement restrictions to the types of advertising agreed. 
  • In programmatic advertising advertising is only accepted from specific trusted buyers and advertisers. Our trained advertising material reviewers inspect materials. Learn more

We empower shared experiences with entertainment and support the local audio-visual community

  • Entertainment provides shared experiences and supports the Finnish audiovisual community. Nelonen Media is the leading broadcasting group in Finland focusing on TV, audio and podcasts. Our brands include Nelonen, Ruutu, Suomipop, Supla and Radio Rock. Our audio visual productions empower and strengthen the Finnish audio-visual community by providing outlets and creating new channels for Finnish entertainment as well as by working closely together  with Finnish artists, music industry and culture sector. Learn more (in Finnish)
  • We protect vulnerable audiences in accordance with National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) guidelines. Materials that could potentially harm vulnerable audiences, such as children and youth, are published by the editorial teams according to the guidelines. We continuously develop our age classification process and related staff is trained by KAVI. Learn more
  • Finlands biggest festival and event producer Nelonen Media Live organises annually more than 20 music festivals and concerts such as Tammerfest, Tikkurila Festival and Rockfest. According to Nelonen Media Live’s sustainability guidelines “Events for a better tomorrow”, we produce safe, accessible, communal, carbon-neutral, sustainable, fair and entertaining events. Learn more

Our Sustainability strategy targets and KPI´s guide our action - learn about our results 

  • To learn more about our targets and results together with our action, see our Sustainability scorecard.

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