In addition to the Sanoma Code of Conduct and our Corporate Governance Framework, policies on following topics are currently in force: 

  • Anti-bribery & corruption policy  
  • Disclosure policy
  • Diversity & inclusion policy
  • Donations policy 
  • Enterprise risk management policy
  • External travel policy 
  • Fair competition policy 
  • Information security policy 
  • Insider policy

  • Internal audit policy
  • Internal control policy
  • IPR policy
  • M&A policy 
  • Privacy and data protection policy 
  • Procurement policy
  • Related party policy
  • Tax policy
  • Travel policy
  • Treasure policy

We actively develop our policies 

The Board of Directors of Sanoma approves new policies and amendments to existing policies. Each policy has a specified owner in the organisation. Once a year, or more frequently if needed, the policy owners submit necessary updates or new policies to the Board for approval. The policies are applicable to all employees in the Sanoma Group.

We train our people in ethics

Our employees are required to apply the Code of Conduct and all policies in full in their day-to-day conduct and business decisions. To ensure compliance, our people are trained through a compulsory Code of Conduct e-learning and different policy e-learnings. In the newly acquired companies, the e-learnings take place within 3–6 months after the acquisition is completed.

Sanoma e-learning rates in 2020

Percentage of employees participating the e-learning:

  2019 2020
Code of Conduct 94 95
Anti-Bribery & Corruption policy 93 94
Security policy 93 95
Privacy policy 93 95

We require our suppliers to commit to responsible business practices

We expect our suppliers to commit to similar ethical and responsible business conduct as our employees. The Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct sets out the ethical standards and responsible business principles suppliers are required to comply with. Suppliers are expected to apply these standards and principles also to their employees, affiliates and sub-contractors.

Sustainable supply chain