Fighting the climate crisis is one of the most critical challenges facing all industries and societies. Although we operate in a low-carbon industry, minimising our environmental impact and raising fact-based  climate awareness are important to us. We are committed to combating the climate crisis and reducing our emissions through local and global efforts.

Our sustainability targets

We set science-based emission reduction targets and will have net-zero emissions by 2030

We have set a series of concrete targets to have net-zero emission throughout the value chain by 2030. 90% of our emissions result from our supply chain, mainly from transportation and distribution of products, as well as the energy used for manufacturing of paper and print supplies. This requires us to cooperate with our supplier to reach our goal. Our own operations create emissions from energy and materials used in printing facilities and offices. To reduce emissions from our own operations, we invest in energy and material efficiency and the use of renewables in our facilities across Europe.

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We strive to minimise our environmental impacts across the supply chain

In all our operations we prevent and minimise environmental impacts by efficient operations and use of materials as well as responsible procurement. We maximise the recycling of waste and reduce the amount of waste and plastics used. For example all waste in our owned printing facilities is recycled or reused. We ensure that paper used by Sanoma is produced responsibly and originates from traceable and verified sources. Our target is that all wood fibre in the paper qualities used by Sanoma originates from certified FSC or PEFC sources. 

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We increase our fact-based climate and environmental awareness

To minimise our environmental impacts, we believe we need to continuously develop our knowledge capital and increase our climate and environmental awareness through facts. As we impact the lives of millions every day through our news, magazines, entertainment and learning solutions, our responsibility is to provide fact-based and trusted information to help people lead environmentally friendly lives. Training of both our employees and suppliers supports our organisation in identifying the effects of climate change. To show our commitment and inspire also others, we cooperate with climate initiatives such as  the Carbon Disclosure Project and Climate Leadership Coalition. 

Our commitments

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability actions for vital environment support these UN SDGs.
12 Responsible consumption and production
13 Climate action
17 Partnerships for the goals

We support responsible consumption and production by cooperating throughout our value chain to maximise our positive and minimise environmental impact. Our annual sustainability reporting elaborates our actions and performance.

Although we operate in a low-carbon industry, minimising our environmental effects and raising climate awareness is important to us. We aim to have net-zero emissions by 2030.

We engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to meet our sustainability goals. We also annually support carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen our positive impact on society and local communities.

What are UN SDGs?

Read more about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on  Commitments.

Key facts


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