Through active dialogue, we strive to better understand our business environment and develop sustainability actions. Our primary stakeholder groups are:

  • Consumers and customers
  • Employees and freelancers
  • Supply chain partners
  • Analysts and shareholders
  • Governmental organisations: policymakers and legislators
  • Non-governmental organizations and industry associations
  • Other such as local communities, universities and research organisations

Our engagement is primarily managed by our Investor Relations and Sustainability Team under the CFO together with our Public Affairs Officer. The company's business functions are responsible for cooperation with their respective customers. 

Material sustainability topics

Given the nature of our business, material issues do not change annually, and therefore our Sustainability Strategy is set for the long-term.  Our latest large-scale materiality assessment was conducted late 2020 and published spring
2021. During 2021−2022, we have conducted stakeholderspecific engagement to continuously review material topics. 

Throughout our businesses safe and transparent use of data is of highest importance for Sanoma and this priority is shared by our stakeholders. This includes responsible handling of customer data, customer privacy, cyber security and developing our use of AI ethically.

Our people create our results and their wellbeing is our priority. Creating a great place to work and focusing on diversity and equal opportunities is important for keeping our talents and attracting new employees.

In our learning business the focus is especially on high-quality learning materials, reliable digital learning platforms, diversity and inclusiveness in our learning materials.

In our media especially independent journalism is of highest priority. Stakeholders also expect responsible marketing and advertising practices and entertainment.

Fighting the climate crisis is one of the most critical challenges facing all industries and societies. Although we operate in a low-carbon industry, minimising our environmental and climate impacts are important to our stakeholders and us. 

We take action through networks and initiatives 

  • Responsible Media Forum (RMF), a partnership between leading media companies to identify and take action on the social and environmental challenges facing the sector
  • FIBS, Finland's leading corporate responsibility network, also a membership in FIBS' Diversity Charter Finland  
  • CLC (Climate Leadership Coalition), a partnership of Finnish businesses and research organizations to respond to climate change 

We cooperate with trade associations