Data, especially personal data, is an essential part of ourbusiness putting privacy and customer trust at the core of our daily work. Data empowers teachers to optimise teaching and students to receive personalised learning. With the customer data entrusted to us, we develop high-quality and personalised media.

Our sustainability targets

Data supports quality learning and helps sustain independent media

Leading digital transformation in education 

Educational technology is at a crossroads taking steps from smart to intelligent digital classrooms evolving rapidly. Embracing this evolution with curiosity, Sanoma Learning will lead the digital transformation of education with advanced multi-channel learning solutions. Data is an integral part of our learning products. It helps teachers to teach and supports students to optimise their learning. We process personal data mostly as a data processor on behalf of customers, ie. schools and municipalities. This means that the schools and municipalities decide the purposes and lawful basis for the data processing and instruct us to process the data accordingly. Protecting personal data throughout the entire lifecycle of its use, is at the core of our everyday business.

Independent media enriched with data

Data is important for us when creating fact-based journalism and providing relevant services for our media customers. In Sanoma Media Finland our role is that of a controller when processing personal data of our customers, our readers and viewers. We use data to improve our journalistic content, develop personalised recommendations in media, drive customer-centric marketing, and improve customer experience of our applications. Data helps us to further develop and customise our products. Personal data is also critical in digital advertising, where advertisers value the ability to target customers by segments and viewers who prefer to see relevant advertising only. Recommendations are based on editorial decisions, transparently explained and users may switch off the service if desired.

Our Privacy programme safeguards data while enabling its transparent and compliant use

Our Group-wide Privacy Programme ensures that we continuously develop responsible use of personal data in compliance with privacy laws. In our privacy work we focus on fair and transparent practices defined in Sanoma’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy. It determines main principles and the governance model that guide the implementation of relevant privacy laws into our operations. The policy is reviewed on an annual basis and eventual changes are approved by the Board, the same way as it’s done with of all our policies. Below we describe the Privacy Programme process with a set of examples.

Privacy and Security-by-Design at the core of privacy implementation
Privacy is incorporated into our product and business development through a ‘Privacy by Design’ process supported by ’Privacy Champions’, who are nominated employees with privacy responsibilities in their respective business areas. Privacy Champions are trained to be the first line support of their business in privacy related topics. Privacy impact assessments are conducted for new personal data processing purposes. In addition, threat assessments and other information security safeguards are implemented into product development processes. In order to ensure that employees know how to apply data security and privacy practices in their daily work, various privacy and security training sessions are provided to employees to guide their work in practise. All new employees are expected to complete our privacy and information security e-learning training sessions. In the newly acquired companies, the e-learning takes place within 3–6 months after the acquisition is completed.

Incident and personal data breach management process
To address, manage and notify authorities and data subjects about personal data breaches we have implemented a breach management process and monitor short-term and long-term corrective actions. We follow the annual number of data breaches classified as major and minor. 

Data lifecycle management process
All businesses need to record how data is processed and how data retention times are implemented. The implementation of our data lifecycle management process is validated regularly by our Privacy team which reviews the defined retention periods and validates that they are implemented. Third party companies processing data on Sanoma’s behalf are expected contractually to comply with Sanoma’s Supplier Code of Conduct and a Data Processing Agreement, which defines and instructs the suppliers on the data protection measures they need to implement on Sanoma’s behalf.

Addressing data subject rights
We continuously develop transparent data processing by providing Privacy notices and privacy policy statements about our products to data subjects, meaning our customers, our readers and viewers. Our customers have the right to ask us as a data controller to provide them access and correct their data as well as to delete their data. 

We use Artificial Intelligence responsible and transparently

Media and learning services are both becoming digital at a fast pace. In this transformation analytics have an increasingly relevant role in helping end users use the services optimally. Although the use of machine learning and artificial analytics is fairly new, it is important to identify the ethical aspects and possible ethical risks that the use of algorithms has. This is why we are committed to developing principles of ethical AI. AI can be used for, among others things, providing journalistic recommendations, personalised features in entertainment in Sanoma Media Finland, and adaptive learning solutions in Sanoma Learning. Already, when using AI, we apply privacy and personal data protection principles and practices defined in Sanoma’s Data Protection and Privacy Policy.

Key facts


million page views weekly in Sanoma network


E-learning completion rate for privacy and security trainings


nominated Privacy champions across our businesses

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability actions for trustworthy data support these UN SDGs.
9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure
17 Partnerships for the goals
What are UN SDGs?

We support innovation by developing agile company culture. Through our media we enhance scientific research by reporting on the latest scientific insight. Our learning materials are fact- and curriculum-based.

We engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to meet our sustainability goals. We also annually support carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen our positive impact on society and local communities.

Read more about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on  Commitments.