Great results call for people working towards shared goals in a secure and positive environment. Our motivated employees around Europe are the key factor to our success. Our focus is to develop good work life balance, create an equal workplace together with our people and offer opportunities to develop.

Our sustainability targets

We create an equal and inclusive workplace together

Inequality continues to exist in many ways in our societies and our daily lives. We strive to develop a diverse and inclusive workplace because we are convinced that it supports the wellbeing of our people and success of our business. We are committed to creating a working environment and culture that inspires employees, values their diversity, embraces differences in views, and ensures fair treatment, remuneration and good working conditions. Our diversity efforts are guided by the Group-wide Diversity and Inclusion policy. We recruit, offer development opportunities and reward employees irrespective of age, gender, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, family status, disability or other personal circumstances.

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Our people create our knowledge capital and together we promote wellbeing, training and safety

We continuously  develop employee wellbeing, work-life balance, early intervention, occupational health care, efforts to promote both physical and mental wellbeing at work, rehabilitation, flexibility and diversity management, among others. In promoting the wellbeing of our employees, we focus especially on reducing stress factors often related to the mental aspects of work, work-life balance and reduce the effects of sitting.

We follow employee wellbeing by frequent and systematic surveys to ensure that the management has real-time information on employee motivation, work-life balance and other wellbeing issues to support employees. 

As a learning and media company, professional development of employees is important to us, and on-going learning opportunities are offered continuously both online and when possible in live training courses. 

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We are a great workplace and support an inspiring and sustainable company culture

Company culture plays a key role in recruiting new employees, keeping our talents and developing a great workplace. Our employees are highly committed to Sanoma and almost 40% of them have worked for their local company for longer than 10 years.

We measure employee experience, engagement, commitment and leadership through an annual Employee Engagement Survey (EES) carried out in the beginning of each calendar year. In 2021, the survey also included Covid-19 crisis management questions.  Overall, according to the EES results, employees show commitment to our company, enjoy their work and find it meaningful, and value the company’s leadership culture. Employees also evaluate that Sanoma has managed the coronavirus pandemic very well as an employer. The survey also shows that our employees feel that they have equal opportunities at Sanoma and they are able to speak up about ethics. Development issues include, among other things, work-life balance.

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Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability actions for valued people support these UN SDGs.
5 Gender equality
8 Decent work and economic growth
10 Reduced inequalities

We support gender equality by developing diverse workplace together with our people and offering equal opportunities to all genders. Our learning materials empower every student, regardless of gender. Our media increases awareness on different viewpoints.

We support sustainable economic growth through our role as employer and tax-payer throughout Europe. Our employees range from diverse backgrounds and we offer young employees opportunities to develop.

We reduce inequalities by developing social, economic and political inclusion with our learning materials and media content. We also support various NGOs reducing inequalities.

17 Partnerships for the goals
What are UN SDGs?

We engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to meet our sustainability goals. We also annually support carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen our positive impact on society and local communities.

Read more about the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on  Commitments.