Sanoma Code of Conduct outlines our business practices

In its business, Sanoma follows laws and regulations applicable in its operating countries, ethical guidelines set by its Code of Conduct as well as the Group’s internal policies and standards. The Sanoma Code of Conduct outlines the shared ethical standards for our employees and our business partners. The Code acts as an umbrella for all policies and standards within Sanoma. The Sanoma Code of Conduct encompasses the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact on human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Sanoma Code of Conduct

Sanoma Supplier Code of Conduct

Our policies guide our daily work

We are committed to complying with the legislation of each country in which we operate, and require the same from our partners. In addition to legislation, we follow sustainability principles that are embedded into our policies. Our people train their ethical behaviour on a continuous basis through our compulsory Code of Conduct e-learning and other sustainability related policy e-learnings to ensure compliance with our policies. 

Our policies and training

We have zero tolerance for misconduct 

The Sanoma-WhistleB reporting hotline enables Sanoma group employees, customers and business partners to report suspicions of misconduct confidentially and anonymously. Violations of the Code of Conduct, or any related policy or law, are encouraged to be reported through Sanoma’s externally hosted, independent whistle-blowing hotline. Through this early warning system we foster high business ethics, maintain customer and public trust, and reduce risks for misconduct.

Report concern using the Sanoma-WhistleB

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

Our sustainability actions for responsible business practices support these UN SDGs.
8 Decent work and economic growth
17 Partnerships for the goals

We support sustainable economic growth through our role as employer and tax-payer throughout Europe. Our employees range from diverse backgrounds and we offer young employees opportunities to develop.

We engage with our stakeholders and suppliers to meet our sustainability goals. We also annually support carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen our positive impact on society and local communities.