Our mission is to enable teachers to excel at developing the talents of every child by offering them the best learning solutions possible. To reach the highest positive impact, our digital solutions are designed to further enhance engagement, learning outcomes, and teacher workflow efficiencies. Prismas, a fully digital and innovative learning material, helps promote differentiation and inclusiveness in classrooms.

Inclusive learning and teaching means recognising all students’ right to a learning experience that respects diversity, enables participation, removes barriers as well as anticipates and considers a variety of learning skills and preferences. By using the possibilities of digital transformation, we can find new innovative ways to enhance personalisation and differentiation in classrooms. Differentiation values the varied starting points of the students, working for the same goal with different techniques and personalised content.

Santillana – the leading learning company in Spain – has introduced Prismas, a new digital solution for the secondary schools of the future. Prismas offers a collaborative and dynamic learning space for teachers and students. It was developed to meet the learning objectives in a heterogeneous classroom, enabling students to learn in different ways and advance at their own pace. With the help of personalised learning content, Prismas promotes students’ individual growth and self-esteem.

“Prismas is our most important digital project in Santillana, a pioneering concept for secondary schools in Spain. The difference of this product with the previous ones is not only significant in terms of digital resources but also in the methodological proposal, allowing teachers to give the same lesson in different ways. Prismas is a very unique solution in the market, fostering a personalised teaching-learning process, promoting diversity and adapting to the needs of the classroom. It is also the first one of Santillana’s digital products connected to our new Artificial Intelligence assistant, a new complex dashboard intended to facilitate assessments throughout the learning process, and offering alerts and predictions using several algorithms based on big data and machine learning,” says José Manuel Cerezo, Digital Content Director at Santillana.

Helping teachers build a positive learning environment
One of our aims is to help teachers build a positive and effective educational environment, which leads to better learning outcomes. With Prismas, teachers can design the ideal program to suit their own teaching style and combine different content blocks and sequences to create a unique learning experience for the students. The personalisation features help teachers match the learning material with the reality of the classroom – adapting to all levels, abilities and methodologies. Teachers can choose from a wide range of digital resources to support their teaching: videos, 3D models, audios, interactive presentations, etc. Prismas also helps teachers in their daily work by simplifying and enhancing the evaluation of students’ performance – saving teachers’ time and resources.

This article is the first part of a series introducing products and services from our Learning businesses across Europe.

Santillana is the leading educational content company in Spain in the K12 market, with an extensive catalogue of print, blended and digital products. More than 7 million students in the pre-K12 and K12 stages use our solutions, and our commercial network serves more than 500,000 teachers and more than 17,000 educational centers. Santillana is part of the Sanoma Learning business unit within Sanoma Group, serving over 20 million students in 11 countries.