Annually, Sanoma supports carefully selected partners with donations to strengthen its positive impact on society and local communities, and reinforce the Sanoma brand. These partners can be international, national and local organisations or activities that represent values important to Sanoma. Consistent with our ethical standards, we are transparent about our contributions and do not make donations to political or religious movements or representatives nor to purposes that are unethical or illegal. We comply with applicable laws and regulations in making donations and ensure that there is no misuse or corrupt purposes. Our donations and sponshorship is guided by Sanoma´s Donations and Sponshorship Policy.

Our donations 2021

Freedom of speech and media education

  • Supporting and developing the field of research and practices concerning media education, contributing to the public debate, promoting freedom of speech and providing opportunities to share media education experiences
  • Donation to European Publishers Council, 15,000 euros
  • Donation to the International Press Institute, 15,000 euros

Climate change and environment

Education, social wellbeing and preventing exclusion

Our donations 2020