Sanoma supports the Red Cross and other initiatives to help the relief work in Ukraine

Sanoma has supported the Red Cross to ensure humanitarian aid in Ukraine. In addition, Finland’s largest tabloid Ilta-Sanomat has donated half of its one day (4 March) single copy sales to Red Cross, Save the Children, Finn Church Aid and Unicef.

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Sanoma Learning supports through several initiatives

Sanoma Learning companies across Europe support the victims of the war in Ukraine through various local initiatives and we continue to look for ways to help through our educational knowledge and learning materials also in the longer perspective.

Nowa Era´s program Our hearts with Ukraine

The war is especially close to our staff in Poland where Nowa Era, one of our largest learning companies, is based. In Poland, we are working to offer concrete support to refugees, such as housing, give dedicated time for employee volunteering and where we cooperate with the Foundation for Common Reading to distribute Ukrainian books, especially in the east of Poland. Nowa Era’s program ‘Our hearts with Ukraine’ is a dedicated website for teachers and headmasters to facilitate exchanging materials and experience. Poland’s largest literacy contest for primary school pupils was organised for the sixth time by educational publisher Nowa Era, with special attention to Ukrainian pupils.

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itslearning available in Ukrainian

itslearning is Europe’s largest provider of learning management systems for schools and universities. Itslearning was translated into Ukrainian as a response to the war in Ukraine. All students and teachers with access to the platform can easily choose Ukrainian as the default language in their itslearning profile settings.

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Media Finland support crisis through news and media

A year of news from Ukraine

Media Finland has more than 40 media brands, of which 16 news media. In 2022, the Russian invasion of Ukraine caused a reorganisation of editorial teams. Helsingin Sanomat provides information about the war in Ukraine free of charge to all readers, not only subscribers. Other Sanoma’s news media also closely followed the war in Ukraine. HS Kids' News published articles on Ukraine explaining the crisis to school-age children. Additionally, Media Finland has decided to discontinue the sourcing of newsprint from Russia, and publishes shared digital advertising with established humanitarian organisations to increase visibility of their aid campaigns. 

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Media Finland supports Ukrainian Media Fund

Media Finland has made a donation to the Ukrainian Media Fund, established by the Gazeta Wyborcza Foundation, to support Ukrainian media and journalists working in crisis areas. Newsrooms have a central role in providing reliable information during the crisis. 

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Helsingin Sanomat, Dagens Nyheter and Politiken publish news in Russian to provide reliable information

Helsingin Sanomat and Ilta-Sanomat published news about the situation in Ukraine in Russian in an initiative together with two other Nordic newspapers, Dagens Nyheter and Politiken.

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Kids’ TV series in Ukrainian available free of charge on Ruutu

The Nickelodeon Ukraine Pluto TV channel airs kids’ favorite tv series such as Sponge Bob and PAW Patrol in Ukrainian around the clock without commercials. You’ll find the channel by choosing “Kanavat” on Ruutu’s front page.

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Picture: Rio Gandara / Helsingin Sanomat