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Designing accessible learning tools ensures inclusive learning opportunities

16 February 2022

Sanoma Learning Sustainability

Malmberg´s FSC® certified school books support responsible forestry

9 February 2022

Sustainability Sanoma Learning

Five important data privacy takeaways after two years of remote and blended learning

28 January 2022

Sanoma Group Sanoma Learning Sustainability

Sanoma Pro conducts an external audit for diversity and inclusiveness on its learning material for environmental studies

24 January 2022

Sustainability Sanoma Learning

Prismas – Santillana’s digital learning solution for secondary schools of the future

10 January 2022

Sanoma Learning Sustainability

Sanoma has taken significant steps in improving its CDP climate score

7 December 2021

Investor News Sustainability Sanoma Group Sanoma Learning Sanoma Media Finland

Sanoma Share Views Week: a week full of inspiration which focuses on connecting and sharing views with our colleagues across Europe

15 November 2021

Sanoma Learning Sustainability

Sanoma Corporation, Interim Report January–September 2021: Strong net sales and operational earnings growth in both businesses

27 October 2021

Stock Exchange Releases Sanoma Group Sanoma Learning Sanoma Media Finland Sustainability

What does happiness at work mean to you? That’s the central question in the Sanoma Happiness@Work Week.

24 September 2021

Sanoma Learning Sustainability

Sanoma celebrates the Read Hour reading festival: "By participating, we can encourage discussion about the significance of reading"

2 September 2021

Sanoma Media Finland Sustainability Sanoma Learning