Sanoma’s net impact was quantified with the Upright’s net impact modelling tool that is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and scientific articles. The analysis confirmed that Sanoma’s largest positive impact comes from distribution of knowledge in the form of journalism, news media and learning materials. Sanoma received a strongly positive net impact rating of AA+ (Excellent+), which summarises the positive and negative impacts created by Sanoma’s business on society, knowledge, human health, and the environment.

The Upright net impact analysis finds that Sanoma creates significant positive impacts in particular to society and knowledge. This is vigorously visible also in Sanoma’s high overall net impact ratio of 69%, corresponding to a net impact rating of AA+ which is higher than 97% of large European companies’. The good ratio and rating summarise the positive and negative impacts Sanoma’s business have on society, knowledge, human health and environment.

“We know the intrinsic positive impact Sanoma’s learning and media businesses have on the lives of millions of people every day. However, we wanted to dive deeper into our total net impact and find ways to quantify that. Upright’s artificial intelligence tool screening scientific articles throughout global databases provided us a good tool for this”, says Kaisa Uurasmaa, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability at Sanoma.

Sanoma’s largest positive impacts originate from providing of learning and media content, which creates new knowledge for students and media consumers. By contributing to quality education learning materials and platforms enforce the positive impacts education has on societal stability and peace. Both learning materials and entertainment are source of enjoyment, fun and fulfilment, which in the Upright analysis is visible as a positive impact within the health dimension. In addition, Sanoma has a positive impact on society as a taxpayer and employer. To achieve the positive impacts, Sanoma uses scarce human and environmental resources, which has a negative impact on the net rating.

Learn more about Sanoma’s net impact profile in Sustainability Report 2021 at or through this document.

Additional information
Kaisa Uurasmaa, Head of Investor Relations and Sustainability, tel. +358 40 560 5601

Sanoma is an innovative and agile learning and media company impacting the lives of millions every day. Our Sustainability Strategy is designed to maximise our positive ‘brainprint’ on society and to minimise our environmental footprint. We are committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and signatory to the UN Global Compact.

Our learning products and services enable teachers to develop the talents of every child to reach their full potential. We offer printed and digital learning content as well as digital learning and teaching platforms for primary, secondary and vocational education, and want to grow our business.

Our Finnish media provide independent journalism and engaging entertainment also for generations to come. Our unique cross-media position offers the widest reach and tailored marketing solutions for our business partners.

Today, we operate in eleven European countries and employ more than 5,000 professionals. In 2021, our net sales amounted to approx. 1.25bn€ and our operational EBIT margin excl. PPA was 15.8%. Sanoma shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki. More information is available at


The Upright Project is a Helsinki-based technology company that measures and models the net impact of companies. Their mathematical model uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques and open science to understand how companies impact the world within the dimensions of environment, human health, society, and knowledge. Upright's data is available through their platform as well as globally through Nasdaq. Read more at