Sanoma is committed to compliance with the guidelines issued by the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI) and the Act on Audiovisual Programmes, which intends to protect children from the negative impacts of movies and television programmes, for instance.

Audiovisual programmes are classified by the Act on Audiovisual Programmes in Finland, and it is supervised by the Department for Media Education and Audiovisual Media (MEKU) of the National Audiovisual Institute (KAVI).

In Finland, content that requires an age limit includes scripted drama and comedies, while programmes containing exclusively educational material, sports or music is not classified. Live broadcasts are also exempt from classification and labelling.

The age limit is determined based on how much detrimental content the movie, television programme or game contains. According to the Act on Audiovisual Programmes, such content includes violence, sexual or anxiety-causing content and use of intoxicants. There is a total of 37 criteria. It should be noted that the detrimental impact on children has been assessed only if an age rating has been specified for the programme. A programme rated for all ages does not mean that it is a children’s programme but that there is no content detrimental to children in the programme.

In its publication operations, Sanoma uses the rating in KAVI’s database. In Finland, all persons engaged in rating the age limits of programmes are trained by KAVI and have classification qualifications. Sanoma co-operates with KAVI, in addition to which KAVI trains those Sanoma employees engaged in such activities.

Commercials must also comply with the age limit classification. TV advertising is allocated to specific times of the day based on the campaign structure and purchase method. For example, commercials with alcohol are only sold to programmes intended for ages 25–45, and such commercials are only broadcast after 10 p.m.

In Finland, the Ethical Council of Advertising supervises advertising in accordance with the International Chamber of Commerce Marketing Code and, if necessary, issues statements if advertising is contrary to accepted principles of morality. Sanoma is committed to complying with these marketing rules.

Well-known symbols indicate the age limits and content of audiovisual programmes. They help guardians to choose movies, TV programmes and games that are suitable for their children. A programme rated for all ages does not mean that it is a children’s programme but that there is no content detrimental to children in the programme. The content symbols, on the other hand, indicate the detrimental content that results in the age limit. Photo: KAVI

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