Helsingin Sanomat is the only daily newspaper to grow its circulation, and the growth continued for the second year in a row. In 2018, the total circulation of HS grew by 2.4%.The development was verified by Media Audit Finland, who carries out audits on circulations of newspapers and magazines, and has recently published figures for 2018. Total circulation includes both printed newspapers and digital versions. The total circulation of HS increased, even though the circulation of print decreased by 5.7%. The circulation of digital newspapers increased significantly, by 11%, thus compensating for the decrease of print.After 25 years, the number of subscriptions for HS is also increasing for the second year in a row. The growth comes from digital products. Digital services are used in versatile ways, and for example, the “look alike” version of the printed newspaper has on average 40,000 daily readers. Two thirds of HS subscribers pay for digital content.“The excellent development during the last two years is reflected in the growth of subscriber numbers and now in the increase of total circulation. Subscribers under 45 years, as well as digital products are driving the growth. When looking at subscriptions for only digital content, number of subscribers under 40 years has grown over 50% compared to the previous year. People want to pay for quality journalism, and young people use digital content in a natural way,” says Kaius Niemi, Editor in Chief of Helsingin Sanomat. Helsingin Sanomat offers unique content and viewpoints on the society, culture, science and well-being, and it reaches close to 2 million Finns every week. After a break of 25 years, the number of subscriptions for HS is growing for the second yearin a row. Sanoma Media Finland is a leading multichannel media house in Finland. We offer information, experiences and entertainment in newspapers and magazines, tv, radio, events, web and mobile, and reach almost all Finns daily.