Watching live content distributed by TV companies is the number one way to consume TV content in all age groups, and large screen is clearly the most popular device to do it. Domestic Video-On-Demand (VOD) services have continued to grow, and the majority of Finnish entertainment is watched at Sanoma’s VOD service Ruutu.”Ways of watching may change, but in all cases interesting and meaningful content is the most important thing for the viewer. This spring, the so called phenomenon programmes, such as The Voice of Finland and Survivors Finland, were very popular also on Ruutu. It is a great example on how the popularity of certain programmes may grow, when ways of watching change,” says Ville Toivonen, TV Director of Nelonen Media.Commercially the most important target group (25–44 years old) watches TV and video content mostly at the time the programmes are broadcasted (72%). Secondly, this target group follows/watches the VOD services of Finnish TV broadcasters (69%).Consumption of TV and video content is most versatile among the target group of under 25 years old. Over half of this group watches programmes at the time they are broadcasted. 74% of the group uses VOD, and as a device, smart phone has overtaken the TV screen.According to the study, watching TV does not diminish remarkably when one takes new VOD services into use. New services increase the total consumption of TV and video. Use of VOD has increased to 53% of population, being 39% last year. On average, Finns use 3.7 different TV and video services.