The subscription base of Helsingin Sanomat is growing already for the third year in a row. A significant milestone was reached when the number of digital-only subscriptions exceeded 100,000. The 100,000th subscriber was a 28 year-old Viljami Hotanen from Turku, Finland.The total number of Helsingin Sanomat subscriptions turned to year-on-year growth in 2017 - for the first time in 25 years. The growth comes in particular from digital products and younger readers: in digital-only subscriptions the number of subscribers under the age of 40 increased last year by over 50% compared to a previous year.“Younger readers are familiar with digital services and used to paying for digital content. High-quality content - facts, backgrounds and experiences - are in their interest. The fact that most of our new subscribers are young proves that the demand is on a sustainable basis” tells the Editor-in-Chief Kaius Niemi.The total number of Helsingin Sanomat digital subscriptions is approximately 260,000. This autumn, digital-only subscriptions exceeded 100,000 , which is an impressive number even internationally. The 130 year-old Helsingin Sanomat decided to congratulate the 100,000th digital subscriber, 28 year-old Viljami Hotanen and Editor-in-Chief Kaius Niemi visited Hotanen at his workplace, Luolavuori School.Hotanen prefers reading longer analyses, investigative journalism and columns. The journalistic principles, reliability and criticism of sources, are present also in his work as a teacher. As a young adult living outside the Helsinki metropolitan area he is a good representative of a new Helsingin Sanomat subscriber.“It is encouraging that in the 130 jubilee year of our newspaper the growth in digital subscriptions proves Helsingin Sanomat has a solid future ahead”, states Niemi.Helsingin Sanomat offers unique content and viewpoints on the society, culture, science and well-being, and it reaches close to 2 million Finns every week. After a break of 25 years, the number of subscriptions for HS is growing for the third year in a row. Sanoma Media Finland is a leading multichannel media house in Finland. We offer information, experiences and entertainment in newspapers and magazines, tv, radio, events, web and mobile, and reach almost all Finns daily.