Sanoma will offer more efficient ad services for small and medium sized enterprises. Strongly growing Mobiilimarkkinointi Routa focuses on serving SMEs and developing advertising solutions especially to their needs.  For Sanoma, SME advertising is an important new growth area in Finland.Sanoma Media Finland increases its share of Mobiilimarkkinointi Routa from the current 51% and transfers its own SME advertising sales, knowhow and personnel to the company at the beginning of May. Routa is aiming for strong growth in the coming years.”The driver of the growth is our ability to respond to SME advertising needs with a more relevant offering. Sanoma’s media reach 98% of Finns every week, and with new methods of targeting we can differentiate their messages for instance geographically. This way local, digital advertising will be efficient and provide results also for smaller companies. In the Helsinki region we can offer superior reach also in print through Helsingin Sanomat and HS Metro. Print advertising has proven to speed up sales ”, Hans Edin, the commercial director for Sanoma Media Finland, promises.Sanoma is a strong market leader in media advertising with large companies dominating the customer base at the moment. Routa will focus in particular to develop advertising products responding to SME needs and have the resources for production and sales in order to serve customers better than before.Mobiilimarkkinointi Routa employs 90 persons and generated net sales of EUR 9.3 million in 2016. The target is to double the headcount in the next few years.”Advertising is one of the most efficient sources for growth – and the Finnish companies and the Finnish economy need growth. Sanoma offers advertising solutions for all, from SMEs reaching a very specific target group to large enterprises targeting nationwide audiences.  Sanoma also provides a safe context for the advertisers’ messages. Studies show that it has a remarkable impact on the advertising efficiency. Thanks to this acquisition and the new operating model we can serve our customer base better and with a wider scope”, Pia Kalsta, the CEO of Sanoma Media Finland comments.