Sanoma Learning, Press Release, 16 April 2015

Today Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading learning companies, announced that its Belgian subsidiary VAN IN has won the prestigious Educational Learning Resources Award with its digital learning platform bingel. Taking part in this year’s London Book Fair International Excellence Awards, the successful primary education platform won against two runner-up entries from educational publishers in Ireland and the United States.

And the winner is…
An international jury of experts selected bingel, which takes pupils on an educational tour of fantasy islands, from a long list of international entries. The jury praised the platform for offering teachers and pupils a safe, engaging and user-friendly digital learning environment that can be used both at school and at home.

Bingel contributes to learning impact
But bingel is doing more than just winning awards. With 80% of Belgian primary schools and 70% of pupils in that country using the platform, bingel is just one of the digital solutions helping Sanoma Learning achieve its mission of creating learning impact. In order to carry the Sanoma Learning mission further, the platform has now also been introduced in Sweden by Sanoma Utbildning and will be launched by Sanoma Pro in Finland in August.

Winfried Mortelmans, Managing Director at VAN IN, explains how the platform works: “Bingel supports teachers in personalised education. Teachers can prepare suitable exercises for each class or for each pupil. Since bingel corrects the completed exercises automatically, it gives teachers more time to concentrate on the essence of teaching. Receiving international recognition for bingel confirms its unique strength in engaging pupils while helping them to get better learning results, and supporting teachers.”

Learning impact next generation
The awards’ jury was also impressed by VAN IN’s continued improvements to bingel. A new tablet-ready version of the platform was introduced in September of last year with even more emphasis on gamification elements and personalised learning. In addition, a bingel app called ‘Zomerbingel’ is due to be launched this summer and a secondary school version called ‘diddit’ will be arriving in September of this year.

Additional information
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