Sanoma Digital plans to close its digital shopping centre The service founded in 2013 currently has 230 online merchants and 50,000 products in its selection.“eCommerce is in extremely tough competition situation in Finland. We have not managed to reach our profitability goals with, and neither is there a turn for better in the foreseeable future,” says Marja-Leena Tuomola, COO at Sanoma Digital - Finland.Trade continues in the service normally, until the final decisions have been taken within a couple of weeks.Additional information:Hanna Johde, Communications Director, Sanoma Media Finland, tel. +358 40 673 897Sanoma Media Finland is the most versatile multichannel media company in Finland, known for its leading brands. We provide information, experiences and entertainment through magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, the Internet and mobile channels, reaching nearly all Finns every day. Sanoma Media Finland is part of Sanoma, a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.