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Campus Seminar is a teacher-training concept that helps teachers understand the changing world outside of schools. After successful seminars in Finland and Poland, Campus is ready for global expansion. This year Campus Seminars will be organised in five countries: Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and Lithuania. Reaching over 10,000 new schools this year, Campus is the fastest growing teacher-training concept in Europe. 

The concept behind Campus is simple: to help teachers understand how the world is changing outside schools – from climate change to robotics, from Ebola to the economy – and give them the tools they need to use this information in classrooms. Campus consists of seminars during which experts from various fields share their expertise, trends and views on a given subject. In addition to seminars, the Campus learning experience includes change reports, daily articles and teacher awards.
Since starting in 2011, five Campus Seminar events have already taken place in Finland and Poland. All five events were fully booked with 3300 teachers taking part and seminar videos receiving over 50,000 views from schools. This year’s European tour of Campus Seminars starts in Finland on September 17th and ends in Warsaw on the 26th of October. In addition to Helsinki and Warsaw, the tour will also include stops in Amsterdam, Stockholm and Vilnius.
In addition, the first Campus Change Report outlining over 50 global changes will be published in September in Finnish and English and distributed free of charge to teachers worldwide.
”Companies use a number of different resources to understand where the world is going. We want to provide teachers with the same information and expert analyses that CEOs and top management have access to when leading their teams. Teachers play a key role in explaining the world to their students and preparing them for their role in society,” says Saku Tuominen, founder of Campus Seminars.
Campus Seminars are organised by Finnish education company SCOOL together with SanomaVentures. As the external venturing arm of the European media and learning company Sanoma, SanomaVentures is also the strategic investor for the project.
”Campus Seminars can bring new inspiration to teachers in engaging with pupils on important themes of global change.  We are proud to support them in bringing this innovative approach to so many teachers in Europe”, says John Martin, CEO of Sanoma Learning.
All seminars and Change Reports are available to teachers free of charge. We believe that our mission ’helping schools change’ is so important that we want to invest in it. And of course we have wonderful partners who let us build independent, non-profit seminars,” continues Saku Tuominen.
Most seminars are already fully booked, but interested teachers and education enthusiasts can still apply for the online stream or order a Campus Change Report.

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The world is changing faster than ever. Schools have to as well. SCOOL helps schools change by developing innovative formats that bridge the gap between schools and the outside world. The company’s existing formats include Campus and Dreamdo Schools.

Campus helps teachers understand global changes outside of schools. Dreamdo Schools connects school classes around the world through student-led projects. SCOOL is continuously developing new formats to inspire teachers and improve education globally. Its concepts enhance creativity, curiosity, co-operation and passion for lifelong learning. SCOOL operates and inspires globally and is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

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