Press release, 7 January 2014The co-operation negotiations launched in November in Helsingin Sanomat, Nelonen news and the editorial office of Metro have been concluded. The amount of redundancies remains smaller than estimated due to solutions found during the negotiations. The negotiations concerned the development of the editorial processes and the need of Nelonen Media to renew the concept of the television news ordered from Helsingin Sanomat.Due to structural changes, 37 employees of Helsingin Sanomat editorial office are let go. However, due to solutions found during the negotiations, such as transfers within in the company, shifts to part-time work and retirement arrangements, the amount of redundancies is less than estimated. The original estimate was maximum of 70 redundancies. In the future, there will be around 280 employees in the Helsingin Sanomat editorial office."Financial profitability is a basic condition for independent journalism. We have had to make difficult and big decisions for Helsingin Sanomat to prosper in the midst of the transforming media and the recession,” says senior editor-in-chief Kaius Niemi.From the mid-January, the editorial office of Helsingin Sanomat will consist of content units, news desk, Päivän lehti (paper of the day) unit, as well as photo and design units. The changes will not affect the structure of the printed edition of Helsingin Sanomat or the networks of regional and foreign correspondents. Products will not be discontinued.“The new operating model will eliminate overlaps which have been developed over time in the organization and processes. Our task continues to be to serve our audience by providing appealing, high-quality journalism in print, mobile, online and television,” says Niemi.Nelonen news and weather broadcasts, produced by Helsingin Sanomat and ordered by Nelonen Media will be compressed to five minutes. The position of editor-in-chief of Nelonen news will be discontinued. The first news broadcast, called HS-uutiset (HS news) will take place on Thursday, 9 January at 18.55. The know-how established through the co-operation between Nelonen news and Helsingin Sanomat will remain to strengthen especially the online news production of Helsingin Sanomat. Moving image is the fastest growing area in mobile and online channels.“We are looking ahead. We continue to develop the printed newspaper, and we aim to be the front runner in the digital products in the future as well. I strongly believe in our ability to renew ourselves,” Niemi says.Additional information and media inquiries:Communications Director Hanna Johde, +358 40 673 8977, hanna.johde@sanoma.comSanoma Media Finland is the leading Finnish multi-channel media company known for its leading brands. We offer information, experiences and entertainment through newspapers and magazines, television and radio as well as online and in mobile media.Sanoma Media Finland is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a front runner in consumer media and learning in Europe.