Sanoma Learning, Press Release, 4 September 2014

Sanoma Learning, one of Europe’s leading learning companies, announced today the release of the whitepaper “Unlocking the Potential of Digital Learning” based upon research among European teachers and headmasters. The study shows that teachers and headmasters are very eager to embrace digital learning. However, they also feel frustrated the right conditions for a faster and fuller adoptation of digital learning is lacking.

Finding: digital learning increases student motivation, learning outcomes and workflow efficiency
Sanoma Learning polled 1,980 teachers and headmasters from Finland, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands and Belgium. Some 83% say it will make students more interested and motivated, while two-thirds expect significant increases in workflow efficiency and learning outcomes. Some 86% say they are quite motivated to use digital learning, 70% feel confident about it and 85% believe that they are crucial to leading the change towards digital learning,

Finding: teachers feel unprepared and unequipped
At the same time, teachers and headmasters feel unprepared and unequipped to deliver digital learning solutions. Most schools lack sufficient materials including hardware (58%) and other teaching equipment (54%), while half of the schools lack sufficient budget or a clear plan to implement digital learning. Quite a number of schools lack sufficient Internet speeds (34%) and well-trained staff (39%).

Finding: need to create the right conditions
Teachers and headmasters feel that the right conditions need to be created for schools to adopt digital learning. They believe that training in digital learning is most important, followed by implementation plans and increased budget for digital learning. Relevant but less crucial is the purchase of digital whiteboards, teaching equipment and hardware for students.

“These European findings indicate that digital learning has tremendous potential to improve learning outcomes, raise student motivation and support teachers in their work.  The report gives food for thought to the key players in European education by clarifying how implementation of digital learning can be accelerated. Digital learning can help students and teachers to achieve better results and each child to reach their full potential”, John Martin CEO of Sanoma Learning says.

Download here the whitepaper “Unlocking the Potential of Digital Learning”.

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