Sanoma Corporation, Press Release, 23 December 2014 at 10:00 CET+1

Sanoma has signed an agreement to sell two of its printing and office facilities used by Sanoma Lehtimedia, Saimaan Lehtipaino and Lehtikanta located in Kouvola and Lappeenranta to the Finnish publishing company Länsi-Savo.

The transaction will be finalised in 2017, when the ownership of the facilities is transferred to Länsi-Savo and the purchase price paid to Sanoma. Kaakon Viestintä will continue its operations in the facilities as a long-term lessee.

As earlier announced, Sanoma Lehtimedia and the related printing companies will merge with Etelä-Savon Viestintä (owned by Länsi-Savo) into a single company called Kaakon Viestintä, which will start operating 1 January 2015.

Additional information
Sanoma’s Investor Relations, Olli Turunen, tel. +358 40 552 8907

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