Will programming soon become the third most important skill, after reading and writing, needed in everyday life? Can Africa be an inspiration for teachers and can it teach a new perspective on the world that is changing at a frantic pace? How to use the knowledge of 3D printing in motivating children to discovering their talents and developing their educational passions? These and many other topics that are inspiring to teachers, were discussed by prominent journalists and experts during the first Polish edition of Campus Seminar. The seminar was held in Warsaw on November 24, 2014 and sponsored by Nowa Era, one of Sanoma Learning’s subsidiaries.

The idea of creating professional conferences dedicated for teachers was born in Finland four years ago. ‘Our educational system is recognized as one of the best in the world and the teaching profession is highly respected in Scandinavia. However, when we examined this issue closer, it turned out that there is not even a single professional seminar designed for teachers in the whole of Finland. All conferences are aimed at businesses.’, explains Saku Tuominen, creator of Campus Seminar.

‘It was a clear signal that there is still much to be done in this respect. This was proved by a gigantic positive feedback from teachers when we organized the first meeting. The places filled up quickly, we already had a full set within 24 hours! Campus has been a huge success, also in the media, and it has become a permanent position in the calendar of events. It attracts hundreds of teachers every year.’, Tuominen adds.

Encouraged by such popularity, the Finns decided to share their experiences and expand their operations to Europe. They organized a conference in Poland for the first time this year. Why here? ‘The Polish education system has a very good reputation and performance of students is placed at the top of international rankings. We have been working closely with Nowa Era, an educational leader on the Polish market. This helped us to get to know the specifics of the country, and thanks to Nowa Era’s good relations with the teachers, we could reach the largest number of potential buyers.’, says Tuominen.

The Warsaw edition was an instant hit, and the organizers are already planning to do more seminars. Over 500 teachers from all over the province and the elite of science, politics, media, technology and sports met in the Conference Centre Muranów. The formula of the conference was based on nine short presentations, centered around the theme of changes in society and how these will affect education. Like the need to develop programming skills and the unlimited possibilities of 3D printing. The event could also be watched online and almost 3500 people did.

‘Such a big interest of teachers proves how much this formula is needed in Poland’, said Magdalena Duszyńska-Walczak Managing Director of Nowa Era, Campus Seminar partner. ‘We have engaged ourselves in the organization of this event, because we see that innovative ideas work. As a leading educational publisher in Poland we want to give teachers a chance to work in various fields that ultimately will develop their professional competence, help to teach in a more interesting way and achieve better performance’.

All of the speeches from Campus Seminar are  available free of charge at www.campusseminar.com. The Polish presentations carry English subtitles. 

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