We are proud to announce that Sanoma Learning's Polish learning company, Young Digital Planet, will be involved in the digitization of the educational sector in Hong Kong, with the Digital Books and Media Solution (DBMS).

Hong Kong Education City Limited (HKECL) - the entity established under direct jurisdiction of Ministry of Education has recently announced that our product was chosen to be the solution to digitize the educational sector in Hong Kong and Macau.

It is a fourth stage of phased approach towards introducing modern technologies in the K-12 schools, preceded by heavy investment in infrastructure, delivery of centralized systems with educational resources as well as assessment data banks. The aim is to spread eLearning for the 800 000 students in K-12 education in Hong Kong in 3 languages: English, Mandarin and Cantonese.

A Digital Books and Media Solution is a complete set of tools and technologies for publishers, publishing associations and media companies. The product makes it possible to create enhanced interactive books and to monetize and distribute media and HTML5 content for tablets, desktop computers and web delivery, all at once.

Owing to its comprehensiveness and strong references, the bid from YDP with the Digital Books and Media Solution emerged victorious, leaving fierce competition from both local and international players behind. Proven ability to serve various types of content coming from a host of publishers operating throughout the country was one of the key factors in favour of that decision.

The tender won by Young Digital Planet allows DBMS to become a common national platform for educational publications. The official launch for the schools is scheduled for the 1st of September, with the publishers obtaining access to prepare content a month before.

Just recently won tender proves that Young Digital Planet’s presence is growing in Asia. Hong Kong, right after China, is the second Asian market where our solutions are chosen as preferred by the governmental institutions - our most demanding partners. These facts undeniably confirm our expertise and excellence in delivering top notch solutions for modern education.

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