The Sanoma Pro Online Service has been updated. In addition to the sharper name, the service offers a whole lot of other new features. 

Sanoma Pro Fokus is an online service for corporate customers which includes extensive, continuously updated information packages on financial management, taxation and law. Professionals always have access to the most recent information on each theme.

Talousfokus (Financial Management), Verotusfokus (Taxation) and Juridiikkafokus (Law) are supplemented by a new theme, Esimiesfokus (Team Leading and Supervising). In autumn, the service will be supplemented further by Terveysfokus (Health), which covers healthcare-related law.

All Fokus services also include a news review and a current events section which monitor the key changes related to each theme. English and Swedish dictionaries can also be added to the service. Users may order one Fokus theme or combine as many different themes as they like. The service search function extends to all themes ordered.

Fokus and Sanoma Pro's new service this spring, the Verkkokirjahylly (E-bookshelf) complement each other and are ideally suited for combined use.

A new theme: Team Leading and Supervising
This new Fokus service includes everything you need to perform well and develop your skills in your role as a team leader and supervisor.

In addition to legal information, the service includes a comprehensive set of tools concerning employment relationship, interaction at work and team leading. Reliable and up-to-date information can be found in a quick and easy way.

Just like the other Fokus services, the authors of the Esimiesfokus material are the most distinguished experts in their respective fields.

The new Fokus service is aimed at all supervisors and team leaders in organisations of all sizes. The price of an annual licence for ten users is less than 10 euros per person per month.

For additional information, please contact Seija Ruohonen, Business Operations Manager, +358 20 11 611.

About Sanoma Pro
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