Busy times for online stores. According to Statistics Finland, two thirds of adult Finns have made online purchases and online trade has continued its growth this year regardless of the economic downturn. The new Mitäsaisiolla.fi online shopping centre improves both the shopping experience of consumers and the reach of merchants by combining selections from various online stores.When shopping online, buyers are often faced with the problem of finding the exactly right products from the almost limitless selection on the Internet. On the other hand, the main goal of a shopkeeper is to reach exactly the right customers.“We want to make online shopping as fun and easy as visiting any shopping centre – and even a bit more fun. On the Mitäsaisiolla.fi website, customers may shop in stores owned by various merchants and pay for everything conveniently in one go without any delivery charges.  Through various websites, Mitäsaisiolla.fi reaches 3.5 million potential online buyers every week, exactly where they spend their time. We are simply bringing online stores and buyers closer to each other,” says Mikko Ketola, Director of eCom Business Segment at Sanoma Digital Finland.In addition to Mitäsaisiolla.fi website, the shopping centre can be found on the websites of the other popular Sanoma brands: HS.fi, Nelonen.fi, Hyväterveys.fi, Vauva.fi, Meidänperhe.fi and Puutarha.net. The product selection has been tailored to suit the customer base of each medium: for example, at Vauva.fi, children's equipment and clothes are prominently displayed, while the Puutarha.net store concentrates on meeting the needs of home gardeners in particular.Online shopping heavens have increased in popularity worldwide. Over one hundred million customers shop every month on the websites of Amazon in the US and Rakuten in Japan. Online shopping centres provide many small businesses with a good opportunity to build and grow their business activities: costs are considerably lower than when establishing a traditional brick and mortar store and merchants can reach another sphere entirely.“We started a year ago with the Outlet.fi online store and have now expanded the concept into a full service department store: Mitäsaisiolla.fi. In the next stage, we will invest in expanding our product categories, brands and store selection in accordance with the wishes of our customers. The Mitäsaisiolla.fi online department store offers Finnish online merchants an excellent opportunity to respond to the growing market share of international online shopping,” says Marja-Leena Tuomola, President at Sanoma Digital Finland.“We want to build an online marketplace and ecosystem in Finland in cooperation with merchants and other parties in the sector. For merchants, it may mean turnkey solutions, and for consumers, faster and more reliable deliveries, in addition to a wider selection of products,” says Tuomola.Vepsäläinen has been participating in the service from the beginning.“We started by selling Vepsäläinen's outlet stock and model items on the Outlet.fi service. The products have found new homes efficiently, since a consumer living elsewhere in Finland has the opportunity to buy the product, for example, from our Oulu store online. Mitäsaisiolla.fi will enable Vepsäläinen products to be sold even more comprehensively through the service. We are curious to see how this will be reflected in growth in sales,” says Walter Ihander, Marketing Manager at Vepsäläinen.Learn about the service at www.mitäsaisiolla.fi or www.mso.fi.The department store can also be found at the following addresses of various media:HS.fi/msoHyväterveys.fi/msoNelonen.fi/msoMeidänperhe.fi/msoPuutarha.net/msoVauva.fi/msoAdditional information:Marja-Leena Tuomola, President, Sanoma Digital Finland, tel. +358 40 513 6630Sanoma Digital Finland is a part of Sanoma News, the leading multi-channel media company in Finland. Sanoma’s products in both print and digital format have a strong presence in the lives of their readers. Sanoma is a European forerunner in consumer media and learning.