Since their start in 1993, Sanoma Utbildning has published physical and digital learning material in all different subjects such as mathematics, foreign language, economics, science and law – from Kindergarten up to University.

We know school and teaching by heart. Our authors are teachers and most of us working at Sanoma Utbildning have a teaching background. Due to that we are able to create learning materials that will make teaching and learning easier, more effective and more fun.

This is the way we have worked since the start – but things are changing. One of the biggest challenges for us is the digitalization of learning that will change the conditions. It’s an amazing and exciting change and we foresee a great potential in the new digital materials that will be a contemporary and inspiring complement to classical books.

We aim to play a great role in this digital learning process. We work hard on developing and creating modern materials and we will continue to be just as committed and engaged as before. In order to show teachers, students and parents that we are on the move we have launched a redesigned website where we can show our offers in a modern and inspiring way.

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About Sanoma Utbildning
Sanoma Utbildning is one of Sweden’s leading educational publishers. Sanoma Utbildning develops and sells educational materials based on the national curricula for learners of all levels. The company also produces educational materials for students at college and university and for people working within trade and industry. Since the start in 1993, the company has constantly increased sales and gained market shares and is today the second largest publisher for primary and secondary education. Sanoma Utbildning provides learning materials in print and digital format and thus facilitates everyday school life and work life for teachers, students and professionals alike. Sanoma Utbildning is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a front runner in consumer media and learning in Europe.

About Sanoma Learning
Sanoma Learning is a leading European provider of learning solutions in print and digital format. Our solutions bring better learning outcomes to pupils and support teachers in their daily work. Sanoma Learning is part of Sanoma. Sanoma is a front runner in consumer media and learning in Europe.