Press release, 27 February 2013Sanoma News intends to merge its media sales, marketing and sales support functions. The goal is to have a sales operations model which is more comprehensive, customer-oriented and effective. At the same time, the company will divest Vartti Itä-Uusimaa and intends to shut down Vartti Uusimaa.”To an increasing extent, media customers seek total multimedia solutions to boost their business competitiveness. Sanoma News wants to cater to its customers' needs by providing them with more comprehensive solutions and more in-depth sector know-how. Centralising our sales and marketing organisations in the same unit is a natural step in this direction and it will also make our operations more effective," says Risto Kyhälä, Senior Vice President, Brand, Sales and Marketing, Sanoma News.Sanoma News will launch negotiations concerning the employees in sales, marketing, sales support functions and other business functions on 5 March. The intended reorganisation of operations may result in the termination of employment of an estimated 70 employees or their contracts becoming part-time. The reorganisation will also create new posts, which will be offered, when possible, to those at risk of employment termination.At the same time, Sanoma News will stop publishing Vartti Uusimaa and Vartti Itä-Uusimaa. The company intends to shut down the Vartti Uusimaa published in Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Kerava, Järvenpää and Hyvinkää  , and this involves negotiations concerning the entire staff. Through a business acquisition, Vartti Itä-Uusimaa will transfer to its previous owner Mika Laine. The deal will take effect on 1 April."We have improved the efficiency of and renewed our operations since last year. The purpose of the structural changes is to secure also our future position as a leader in the developing media sector," says Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma News.Sanoma News’ structural transformation scheme is part of overall Sanoma Group transformation process. The target is to be in the forefront of the market development and secure good performance and profitability in a changing and digitalising operating environment.Additional information:Pekka Soini, CEO, Sanoma News, tel. +358 9 122 2000Risto Kyhälä, Senior Vice President, Brand, Sales and Marketing, Sanoma News, tel. +358 400 998 800Sanoma News is the leading multi-channel media company in Finland, and its products in both print and digital format have a strong presence in the lives of their readers. In addition to Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily in the Nordic region, the division publishes Ilta-Sanomat, Finland’s largest quality tabloid and Taloussanomat, the number one digital financial media, as well as regional newspapers. Sanoma News is also among the most significant digital actors in Finland. Sanoma News is part of the Sanoma Group, a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of consumer media and learning in 20 countries.