On 11 March, Sanoma Pro, our learning company in Finland, introduced a new e-bookshelf service containing professional books for corporate customers. The digital service includes unlimited reading rights to the online bookshelf.

The totally new service is much more than just a collection of individual e-books. From the user's perspective, an e-bookshelf is a continuously updated database of professional books. The necessary information can be quickly found with the effective search function, which covers the entire available database.

The e-bookshelf is as close as your nearest online connection – you can also access professional information while commuting or during a customer visit.

At the moment, there are four professional fields: financial management, team leading and supervising, public law and private law. New e-books will be added to the shelf as soon as they are published.

"The service functions, such as the search, browsing methods and mobile features are continuously being developed, also on the basis of user feedback," says Seija Ruohonen, Business Operations Manager. 

To whom?

The e-bookshelf is particularly good for organisations where professional know-how is needed on a continuous basis, such as for law or accounting firms, and for all team leaders and supervisors. When educational institutes obtain reading rights, they provide their students with the opportunity to quickly dig into a massive amount of information.

Reading rights can be obtained for a particular professional field, a combination of different fields, or the entire service and its archives. The pricing of the digital service is scaled according to the extent of the reading rights. The annual licence price of one professional bookshelf for one user is about 400 euros.

The e-bookshelf is supplemented by Sanoma Pro Fokus, a recently updated online service. The complementary nature of the services means they are ideally suited to the same user groups.

For more information, please contact Seija Ruohonen, Business Operations Manager, tel. +358 20 11 611.

About Sanoma Pro

Sanoma Pro is the leading provider of learning and competence development solutions in Finland. We provide solutions, content and tools for lifelong competence development; from preliminary education to business life, from pre-schooler to managing director. Sanoma Pro employs 200 dedicated professionals. Sanoma Pro is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.