Today Audruring and AS Sanoma Baltics with, biggest car selling portal in Baltics, entered into 10 year contract and according to this new circuit Audruring will be named for the next decade auto24ring. A ten-year cooperation agreement gives both parties the opportunity to take the maximum of this cooperation. The new circuit close to Pärnu has a very important role as a promoter of Estonian motorsport.Last autumn auto24ring hosted first races and this year additionally to Estonian championship rounds several foreign championship rounds are planned to held in auto24ring. But auto24ring doesn't serve only motorsport. Auto24ring is a place where you can safely drive fast with your everyday car and hone your driving technique. Also is auto24ring perfect place for running, cycling, roller skating etc.Margus Tomberg, AS Sanoma Baltics, chairman of the board: "For auto24 it is very important that motorsport and motoring will stay popular in Estonia. This means also that you have a place where you can safely test your driving skills. The new circuit has got already lot of positive feedback from racing drivers and according to that we can say it has a lot of potential. For us it is important that driving in auto24ring is affordable for every car owner without special preparation or big budget. Who has a bigger interest to drive fast in auto24ring can rent a track car. It is positive that track owners have a good concept to keep the track busy. It means that auto24ring is offering besides motorsport sporting and entertainment possibilities for those who are not so much into motorsport."Andres Hall, manager of auto24ring: "auto24 and Audruring have a lot in common starting from clients and therefore I believe that this long term cooperation of two company’s having so much in common is giving us more then just sum of two addends. I’m very excited about this cooperation and I’m sure clients of both parties and visitors of auto24ring can only win from this."Press contact:Andres Hall, tel. +372 516 8582, andres@audruring.eeMargus Tomberg, tel. +372 620 8884,