A consortium of three companies: Young Digital Planet SA and VULCAN sp. z o.o. (both of them being members of Sanoma Learning Group) and Zakład Usług Informatycznych OTAGO sp. z o.o., turned out to be the successful bidder, winning a contract to build the Gdánsk Education Platform. The purpose of the project is to deliver the equipment and to deploy the software in 191 educational establishments in the City of Gdańsk by the end of 2013.What is expected of the projectThe platform is intended to support development of the information society based on e-learning services to be delivered to residents of the Municipality of Gdańsk (the largest city of Northern Poland, with a population of over 450,000) through providing dedicated tools and solutions to 191 educational establishments all over the city. Components to be delivered include a safe interface to access to the Internet, interactive whiteboards and systems for several functional areas (financial and accounting, HR, planning and budget analyses, payroll and student information management.Moreover, the project includes delivery of an educational platform together with multimedia resources, as well as an education portal.Project value and consortium membersThe Gdańsk Education Platform project is worth almost 4 million euro (15 965 400 PLN). The EU co-financing amounts to over 2,2 million euro (9,150,000 PLN). The Municipality of Gdańsk contributes over 1,6 million euro (6,815,400 PLN).The project will be carried out by the Consortium of Sanoma Learning members: Young Digital Planet SA (Consortium Leader) and VULCAN sp. z o.o., collaborating with  the computing services company OTAGO Sp. z o.o..Benefits for educational establishments of GdańskThe target group of Gdańsk Education Platform (education managers and administrators, teachers, students and their parents) will benefit from the project in a number of ways. The most important gains include an improved efficiency of managerial functions at the level of both the educational establishments and their administrating body as well; an improved communication between the personnel of educational establishments and the administration bodies, the students and their parents; and support provided to schools in their teaching activities.Project implementationThe implementation of Gdańsk Education Platform started upon the agreement signature by all the parties, i.e. on 20 January this year. The City of Gdańsk was represented by Ewa Kamińska, the Vice-Mayor for Social Policy. On behalf of the Consortium, the agreement was signed by Jakub Buczyło (Sales Director, OTAGO IT Services), Jacek Różycki (President & CEO, VULCAN) and Waldemar Kucharski – President & CEO, Young Digital Planet SA (Consortium Leader). The platform components will be launched successively, from March 2012 on. Project activities will be completed by the end of January 2013.For more information, please contact Rafał Smolnicki, Sales Director at Young Digital Planet.Gdańsk – its thousand-year history, coastal location and extreme potential make the city a major urban hub of the Baltic Sea Region. Today, Gdańsk is the most important centre of economic, scientific and cultural life on the Polish sea coast, the capital of an agglomeration with the population nearing a million and of the region of Pomerania, inhabited by more than 2.2 million residents.VULCAN – established in 1988, the company is Poland’s major provider of specialist educational solutions today, developing dedicated computer software and offering implemantation, consultancy and training services in this field. Customers include more than 20 thousand of schools, kindergartens and local government bodies. VULCAN has participated in a number of extensive development projects, providing its solutions to such cities of Poland as: Tarnów, Cieszyn, Łowicz, Lubin, Pieńsk.www.vulcan.edu.pl Young Digital Planet SA – established in 1990, is a leading software developer and educational solutions provider. The company’s offering includes multimedia publications in various fields, specialist tools and technologies supporting child development at the earliest stages of education, education platforms, e-learning solutions and multimedia equipment. Young Digital Planet’s proprietary software is present in every Polish school and throughout the learning disabilities public service system. The company’s innovative solutions are designed to cater for the needs of such end users as educational institutions, publishing houses, public administration, business and individual customers. YDP collaborates with publishing houses and ministries of education in more than 40 countries across the world.www.ydp.eu