Today’s new issue Playboy includes a video insert the likes of which has never appeared in the Netherlands before. A video screen integrated into the page, on which a video (with image and sound) starts playing when you open the magazine.A selected group of Playboy subscribers living in the UPC distribution area will receive this special edition with which they can watch the video from the new UPC service, Horizon. Two weeks later, a selected group of Marie Claire subscribers will also receive the insert.The Vidipri insert, as supplier Rox Asia calls the Plus Proposition, is a four-page insert featuring an LCD screen on which the video can be watched several times. It can also be recharged, using a mini USB connection, and you can put your own video on it.Michiel Veugelers, Group Media Director of UM: "Horizon has given UM the facility to use print as an innovative medium with a video in print insert, providing a support tool for the new way of watching TV and enabling a media first in the Netherlands!"Erik Hannema, product manager at Sanoma Media Plus Propositions adds: "We have already seen this medium in use abroad and I could not wait to be the first to deploy it in a magazine in the Netherlands. We finally succeeded, in cooperation with media agency UM, and I’m delighted that UPC opted for this innovative print communication medium".Mark Giesbers, Director of Marketing & Content at UPC, says: "With Horizon, we are introducing our customers to the new way of watching TV. And this innovative advertising method fits in perfectly. Horizon enables customers to watch television, personal films and Internet videos, for example, on any screen in or around the house. And this time we are even adding a screen in a magazine".