Summer holiday has been over for a while and that shows on! At the beginning of October, already nine out of ten schools that were active on last year, had activated their pupils again.

But not only those responsible for are full of enthusiasm, also the pupils are very active. At the beginning of October, already more than 2 million exercise series had been done by 160,000 pupils. For comparison: that’s twice as much pupils and twice as much exercises than at the same time last year.

Last school year, 60% of all primary school children in Flanders did some exercises on Together, they did more than 12 million exercise series. We are therefore well on track to at least match those figures.

Since the end of September, we also started asking questions to the pupils through the POST-zeppelin (MAIL-zeppelin) that appears above the island. Almost 5,000 students answered the first poll. We asked them if the maximum number of ‘pingping’ (credits) that a pupil can earn per grade is high enough (by doing exercises, pupils collect ‘pingping’ with which they can play short games). As expected, the majority of the pupils aged 6 and 7 feel that the ‘pingping’ limit is too low. Pupils in the other grades are finding this limit high enough. During the coming weeks and months we plan to continue questioning the students on the set-up of

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