Since was launched last April the site has grown enormously and built a large community of loyal fans. Already half a million unique visitors read the remarkable (entertainment) news on the site each month. On top of this, the WTF apps for iPhone, iPad and Android have reached 85,000 downloads and generate about seven million page views each, the first online tabloid in the Netherlands, was included in national internet audience measurements (STIR) for the first time in August. The result shows that WTF is already reaching 4.6% of all Dutch people aged 13 and above. With this result, WTF is on par with the websites of the most popular radio channel in the Netherlands (, the biggest news weekly ( and national newspaper pillars of WTF include the ‘What the Freak?!’ photo series and the daily gossip column Wie Was Waar? (Who Was Where?), in which (inter) national celebrities are spotted by paparazzi.WTF Chief Editor Dennis van Luling comments that the STIR measurement finally proves how WTF is doing. WTF has grown very strongly in six months and has the ambition to reach even higher. Van Luling is now also appearing regularly in daily entertainment show Shownieuws on SBS6 television to discuss online entertainment news on behalf of WTF.Based on its success, WTF keeps expanding to other platforms. The Windows 7 app will be launched