Nowadays everything is about the digital age, ICT teaching materials and electronic gadgets, which is all right and acceptable, as this is the new trend.

NTK has won numerous national and international awards for their ICT developments. However, we still feel that the tangible teaching materials appropriate for manipulation and development are equally important. We already had quite a large collection of cards and a set of posters primarily for use in the areas of speech and language therapy and in the development of the mother tongue.

Our new product, Lapot kérünk (Play your card!), is a mega pack of cards for developing mathematical skills of primary school students.

Why is it „mega”?
Let us mention just two data to support the use of this word: the box weighs about 5000 grams and contains more than 3900 cards! 

Together with the packs of cards you can also find three double-faced boards for the different games, as well as a 180-page teachers’ manual. There are card packages for each of the first four grades; moreover there are packs suitable for use across the four years.

The secret is simple: let the children play in groups of 4 or 5
During the games the children practice the four fundamental arithmetical operations, the unit of measuring conversion (including time), Roman numbers, word building, solving logical tasks, playing games developing their memory. . . the point is, that everything is done through interaction, by playing with each other!

The efficiency and success of the method have been proven scientifically: our author finalized the elements of the package after many years of research and testing together with the specialists of the University of Pécs. The practical tests brought roaring success also in the strongly heterogeneous learners groups, and proved to be a highly efficient tool for the integration of problematic children who are difficult to manage. It is important to highlight that this package can be used in talent management just as successfully as in bridging the gaps.

Nearly each pack of cards has a different shape, size or colour that renders easy use and organisation. Those who have already had some experience in this field will know that planning and producing such a vast quantity of cards is not a simple task. However, we have managed, and the result is a premium quality, flashy, humorous and child friendly package.

For further experience and possible ways of receipt please contact Mrs. Ildikó Bárányi, business unit manager, Primary BU at NTK.

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