Sanoma Media Russia & CEE (SMRCEE) has appointed Agnieszka Dolezych as the new Managing Director of Sanoma Media Praha (SMP) from July 1st, 2012 onwards.

Agnieszka Dolezych, born in Poland, has 15 year of experience in the media industry with a strong track record. She led as Publisher the division of Luxury & Women Magazines Group in the Polish branch of the German publishing house Gruner+Jahr. Before, she acted as Marketing and PR Director in media house Murator. Agnieszka Dolezych also acts as a Judge at Fellow Members Arbitration at the Polish Press Chamber. Agnieszka Dolezych graduated at the Institute of Applied Social Sciences at Warsaw University.

The current Managing Director at SMP, Josef Havelka, will leave by the end of June. Agnieszka is already in Prague since June 15 to take over all responsibilities.Heike Rosener, CEO SMRCEE, expresses the strong conviction that SMP will improve its market position further under the leadership of Agnieszka Dolezych.

About Sanoma Media Praha:
Sanoma Media Praha (SMP), part of – Sanoma Media Russia & CEE (SMRCEE), is one of the leading publishing houses in the Czech Republic. SMP publishes magazines such as Vlasta, Kvety, Story, Dum a zahrada (‘House and Garden'), Marie Claire, National Geographic. SMP is also very active in digital media. Its websites like ,, and are among the most popular in the country.SMRCEE is part of Sanoma and responsible for the activities of Sanoma's Media in Central, East and South East Europe. It has leading market positions in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Sanoma is a strong European media group operating in over 20 countries.