Malmberg has again won an IPON Award in the category secondary and vocational education. The educational publisher received the prize for its latest generation teaching methods that are released under the label Optimaal Digitaal (Optimal Digital). The jury praised Malmberg for the way they anticipate the digitisation of teaching and how they respond to the different needs in the field of digital teaching.

First educational publisher with different packages
Malmberg is the first educational publisher to introduce a number of new teaching methods that allow teachers to determine the balance between books and digital teaching materials. Depending on how digital a teacher wants to teach and what the ICT facilities at school are, the new teaching methods offer different packages, varying from 100% digital up to 100% paper.

Second award
In 2010, Malmberg already received an IPON award for its new generation teaching methods. Hans Prins, publishing manager for secondary education at Malmberg: "It is very special that we receive an award for our learning materials for the second time. Of course also teachers, school managers and students tells us that our learning materials offer added value to the daily classes. However, awards like this are for us an additional confirmation. It is a strong recognition of our vision on education. We are therefore very pleased with this award".

'Digital growth’
Notable for the new teaching methods is that every school year teachers can switch from one package to another. So one year a teacher can choose to work 100% digital and choose to use the manual again the next.

Hans Prins: "A teacher can choose with which package he wants and can start. Next, a school can ‘grow digitally’. This means that every year a school can choose a certain package. Many teachers indicate that they especially appreciate this flexibility."

Optimal Digital Test
Malmberg has developed the Optimal Digital Test, so that teachers can determine which package best suits the desire of the teacher and the (ICT) possibilities at school.

IPON Awards
The IPON Awards ensure that ICT companies which focus on education, are labeled with the IPON quality brand. This way, schools can see that the company distinguishes itself in innovation, quality and originality. The IPON Awards also stimulate product innovation and – improvement.

For more information, please contact Hans Prins, project leader Optimaal Digitaal at Malmberg.

About Malmberg
Malmberg is a well-known and leading educational publisher in the Netherlands. Malmberg publishes mixed media learning systems, educational tools and services for teachers for the Dutch market on primary, secondary and vocational schools. Malmberg is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.