We do like this joyful Christmas time - the magical time when love and kindness can be felt in the air and even too many duties and responsibilities cannot spoil our mood. Good and  positive energy circulates around our offices and this is when new ideas are born! Because Nowa Era does not only mean the best textbooks, but also and first of all, people with passion who engage in helping people in need with a huge involvement and energy.

It all started on a small scale. Ten years ago the Sales Department suggested  joining forces and doing something good together as a company. We felt that there was such a great power in our team  and since then we have been involved in offering Christmas help for children from orphanages. We know that Christmas time is very sad and hard for them. But we do not let it be like this! Each year we choose a different orphanage where children do not even expect Christmas presents. Our long experience has made us great specialists in a Santa Claus team. We have learned that the whole trick is not to just give presents, but to make a particular dream come true. 55 dreams have come true!
This year we have chosen an orphanage from a small village in Masuria. Our friend let us know that these children really needed help and support. We asked them to write letters to Santa Claus in order to know their needs and dreams. We were surprised to discover that some children dreamt of winter coats and warm shoes. ..and then the helping power started up! As usual it turned out that there were more employees willing to make a present than there were children. That is why we were divided into groups and each group was responsible for preparing a Christmas present as big as possible for only one child. Also our family and friends joined in after hearing the appeal about organizing presents for children. Our employees’ children helped to choose the right toys for their friends from the orphanage in order to bring as much happiness as possible.

Piles of beautifully wrapped gifts got bigger and bigger each day and we felt like elves in Santa Claus’ gift factory. Everyone knew that it was something more than just fun. We knew that our involvement would make children smile and feel happy and important. This action has also integrated our employees and shown that together we can do something really good and great.

The day finally came to bring all these presents to the children in the orphanage. We needed a lot of volunteers to help  us pack all sacks, boxes and packages. When the car was fully packed, three representatives from Nowa Era set off on a journey …

We were looking forward to a report and photos. Everyone wanted to see whose dream they made come true.

As we know, on that day there were only smiling and happy faces in the orphanage. Children were so excited that they were running around squeaking and showing what they got from Santa. The sound of joyful shouting was heard everywhere.

We think warmly of children and have already started to look for ideas what else we can do for them. It has  turned out again that Nowa Era makes not only educational dreams of children come true, but also these more prosaic ones.
Because together we can do more!

About Nowa Era
Nowa Era is the leading educational publisher in Poland offering publications and multimedia solutions for all levels of education – from kindergarten to upper-secondary school. Nowa Era is also the market leader in the segment of educational cartography. Vulcan, a subsidiary of Nowa Era, is market leader in the segment of educational management software and educational software. Nowa Era is part of the Strategic Business Unit Sanoma Learning.