At the international gala of National Geographic Society in Washington, Sanoma Hearst Romania won the marketing prize “Best Brand promotion”. The gala was attended by 42 countries.

National Geographic Romania won the award for its project “You’re one of the 7 billion” which took place last fall. For this campaign, a poster of 40 sqm., which was located in the Romanian subway station, contained a live counter indicating the increasing world population to 7 billion. The figure was reached at the end of October 2011. The project was accompanied by multiple platforms: print, online and social networking.

About Sanoma Hearst Romania:
Sanoma Hearst Romania (SHR) is the number one publisher in the Romanian market. SHR is a joint venture of Sanoma Media Russia & CEE (SMRCEE) and Hearst Magazines International. SMRCEE is part of Sanoma and responsible for the activities of Sanoma's Media in Central, East and South East Europe. It has leading market positions in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania and Russia. Sanoma is a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of media in over 20 countries.

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