As part of the transformation of our business beyond print, our Serbian colleagues launched Celebrity Life Stream (CLS), the first ever content curation site in Sanoma Media Russia & CEE. The site searches the web for the best content about the hottest celebrities and brings it together in an appealing lay-out optimized also for iPad and other tablets.
Content curation -or the gathering of news and other stories in text, pictures and video- is no longer just a buzz word of how consumers use media but we brought it to life in this new digital service. Anyone interested in the latest gossip about celebrities can go to CLS and find an almost endless stream of news. Of course the site can be personalized after login and users can comment and vote.
The twist in this project is that all the content is aggregated from other sources: celebrity portals, fan pages, YouTube and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. CLS does not have any journalists or editors - but just two moderators.
The target audiences of CLS are both men and women, between the age of 15 to 40 who are active in the social network and mobile users. They are looking for glossy, entertaining and fresh content that is easy to use and predominately visual.
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For more information, please contact:
Stevan Vranes, Projectmanager