For the first time in Belgium pupils can practice content seen in the class room on an iPad. Woordtrainer En action 5 assists children in rehearsing the French vocabulary from Éventail-junior En action, which is Van In’s market leading method for French as a second language in primary education.

With the iPad app children can study and rehearse their vocabulary in a playful and entertaining manner. In each chapter the children can:
- hear words spoken out loud, read words and repeat them,
- practice their vocabulary by playing different games.

There’s a maze game, which consists of moving a little ball – by means of moving the iPad physically –  through a maze, until it hits the correct French word. And in the balloon game a pupil has to touch the flying balloon which contains the correct French  word. The app gives feedback and keeps track of the vocabulary that has been rehearsed.

The app is free for all to download. It contains the vocabulary from the first 4 chapters in Éventail-junior En action grade 5. The vocabulary from the remaining 16 chapters can be purchased for a small fee (€ 2,39) in the App Store:

The En action app is only available for iPad. Instructions are in Dutch, but this can easily be converted to another language. At Van In we can add extra content to the app by means of a Content Management System.

For more information, please contact Denis Janssens (marketeer) or Lieven Bossuyt (publisher) at Van In.


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