Sanoma Media’s App Challenge asks people to share their ideas for new apps to be developed for mobiles and tablets. The best ideas will be rewarded with €5,000. In addition to this, the ideas that actually get used receive another prize worth €5,000. What that prize is will be determined in consultation – it could be e.g. an assignment or advertising space.

Michiel Buitelaar, Chief Operating Officer of Sanoma Media Digital, explains: "Apps have become an indispensable part of today's webscape. Yet, it's still just the beginning. We at Sanoma take a hands-on approach in trying to find out where this will lead us. We can do so ourselves, but we're convinced that there are things going on and being created 'outside' that, on our own, we wouldn't see or discover just like that. That’s why we want to work with clever people on the 'outside' and learn from them. That's what this App Challenge is all about."

The App Challenge is now organised for the second time. In 2010, a dollhouse app emerged victorious from a total of 228 entries. The lucky winners, Sandra Karis and Annemieke Teune, are now working at Sanoma Media, where their job is launching mobile apps.

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