Press Release 15.9.2011The Sanoma Group's strategic business units in Finland - Sanoma Media Finland and Sanoma News - are to start extensive cooperation aimed at accelerating their growth by leveraging synergies between the two businesses.A joint steering group will be established to manage and coordinate cooperation between Sanoma Media Finland and Sanoma News. The plan is to leverage synergies in customer relationships, content, and digital operations. The companies' support functions will also be combined into centrally managed organisation. The organisational changes and appointments related to the new initiative will be effective as of 1 October this year."We want to consolidate Sanoma's market leadership and solid profitability in the media field, strengthen our leading position in selected digital services, and offer our business customers the best multichannel partnerships for their marketing needs," says Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma News. "The reorganisation we are now implementing will play a very important part in achieving this goal.""There are numerous potential areas where we can work closer together in the TV, newspaper, magazine, and digital products areas," says Anu Nissinen, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland. "The new organisation will give us the opportunity to develop new products that cross the traditional boundaries between different media, both for consumers and our media customers. As the dynamic market leader in Finland, we have a unique chance to succeed here."Appointments in Sanoma Media Finland's and Sanoma News' joint matrix functionsMarja-Leena Tuomola has served as Chief Digital Officer (CDO), Finland since 1 September, and is responsible for the digital business management and coordination matrix.Anne Koski has been appointed Chief Market Officer (CMO), Finland; she previously served as Publishing Director, Magazines Business Unit at Sanoma Magazines Finland.Ari Kurenmaa, Senior Vice President of Finance of Sanoma News and Sanoma Entertainment, has been appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Media Operations, Finland. Masa Peura, Business Development Manager at Helsingin Sanomat, has been appointed Director, Strategy. Antti Ikonen, Head of the Legal Team at Sanoma News, will also be responsible for Sanoma Media Finland's legal affairs. Pia Huhdanmäki, Senior Vice President of Administration at Sanoma News and Sanoma Entertainment, has been appointed Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).Pekka Laakeristo, Director, Sanoma Data, has been appointed Chief Information Officer (CIO), Finland.Marcus Wiklund, Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations at Sanoma Entertainment, will also be responsible corporate relations for Sanoma's Finnish media operations.Ismo Vuoksio, Managing Director of Sanomapaino, has been appointed Director, Printing, Logistics & Procurement for Sanoma's Finnish media operations.Further information:Pekka Soini, CEO of Sanoma News, tel. 09 122 2000Anu Nissinen, CEO of Sanoma Media Finland, tel. 010 707 7000Sanoma Media Finland's magazines, TV channels, radio stations, and online and mobile services offer Finns a comprehensive range of entertainment and information and engage them in a multitude of different ways. Sanoma Media Finland comprises the TV and radio business, Nelonen Media, and Finland's leading magazine publisher, Sanoma Magazines Finland.Sanoma News is the leading newspaper publisher in Finland. Its printed and digital products have a strong presence in the lives of Finns. In addition to Helsingin Sanomat, the largest daily in the Nordic region, Sanoma News publishes other national and regional newspapers. It is also one of the most significant digital media players in FinlandSanoma Media Finland and Sanoma News are part of the Sanoma Group, a strong European media group operating in diverse fields of media in 20 countries.